About Me

Me & the boys

Hi my name is Elma.  I am a wife to patient Alan.  A mummy to gorgeous Luke.  A mama to handsome Zach.  And just as important I am me.  Sometimes I know who that is but more often I am figuring that one out daily.

Alan & I have travelled a lot as I tried to find the part of the world that I could be ME.  Loads of memories, life experiences, stories, photos, travel books & quirky mementos later, we found our home in a 180 year old lodge house in Durrow, the Irish midlands.  Like me sometimes, our home needs a lot of love, patience, hard work and determination.  Being stubborn definitely helps.  Our families thought we were mad and not for the first time but happy to see us settle close to home.  2 cats Buddy & Salem were our trial run to see if we could be responsible for a family.

2 gorgeous boys later our world has changed for the better.  I was never the first to ask to hold friend’s babies, luv my nieces & nephews but had no idea what kind of a mum I would be.  My expectations weren’t high so I can easily say I am a better mum that I thought I would be.  I hope I am a fair, loving, caring, fun, creative, outdoors mum.  I try to dance (like a mammy) & laugh with me boys every day.  I want to make them aware of their world ’cause for so long I was busy walking fast and in a hurry.  Since becoming a mum, life has slowed down while being hectic at the same time.  Spending time with my new babies allowed me time to stop & hear the birds, see the leaves & my life is now more about the journey & less about the destination.

I painted a tree on Luke & Zach’s bedroom wall and added felt birds, leaves, animals & friends.  I try to bring the outdoors into our home when we can’t be outside exploring & playing.  I want my boys to aware of their environment; see the rainbows, ladybirds and much more in between.  And so the Zukey tree was born.  My boys love it and I want you to have fun making your own Zukey tree and seeing the everyday differently.